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Rustler Spotlight: Reid Anderson

March 26, 2021

portrait of campus security intern Reid

Reid Anderson started his college experience studying criminal justice and switched to communications. Although he switched his degree he still is a big part of the criminal justice program at CWC. He is the president of the criminal justice club and a campus security intern, a job he has had since fall of 2019. Anderson is in his second year at CWC. The Riverton High School graduate chose CWC because he wanted to stay close and also attest to CWC’s friendly atmosphere.

Everybody has a friendly face and goes out of their way to make sure students are doing ok. ”

Reid Anderson, CWC student

Anderson was nominated by his supervisor Chuck Carr, campus safety director.

“Reid always shows up to work early and stays late,” Carr said. “Reid is a model employee and a role model for other students. Before Christmas, Reid found out that a young man in the neighboring apartments to CWC lost a drone while flying it in a strong wind. Reid spent a lot of time looking for the drone. Reid spearheaded an effort to get a new drone for the young man. Donations were made and Reid and TJ went and purchased the drone and delivered it to the young man. Reid is a very integral part of the CWC Campus Security team. Reid is very good with radios. Reid is always helping someone in the college community.”