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November 1, 2021

Rustler Spotlight: Gregory Hernandez, Jr.

portrait of CWC student Gregory Hernandez

Gregory Hernandez Jr. is a sophomore at CWC studying film and theater. Originally from Los Angeles, Hernandez decided to attend CWC for two reasons, the tuition was the best choice for him and he’d never seen snow before.

Growing up, he always knew he was creative and an artist at heart. This led him to theater and film. 

“The creative freedom, being intertwined between two worlds, and acting grants me the power of being whoever I want to be,” Hernandez said about what he likes most about the degrees he chose. 

Hernandez said CWC has given him experience and opportunity. 

“My life is clearer than it used to be, I could see the distant futures ahead,” he said.

Hernandez will graduate this spring and plans to find a job and work on his passions. He would like to move to either LA or New York but one thing is for sure he plans to live his life with the goal of someday running a business, elevating his acting career and eventually would like to open a coffee shop. 

While his degrees keep him busy Hernandez is also involved in the film club and is a part-time work-study in technical theater at CWC. 

Hernandez was nominated by Joey West, director of theater at CWC.

He has been involved in Little Women the Musical since August 26 and has been killing it in rehearsal. He's created a well-rounded character and has been off-book since the second week of rehearsal. On top of this, he has never missed classes and contributed to class discussions. I'm glad he's here and he totally deserves this honor. ”

Joey West, CWC professor of theater