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September 20, 2022

Alumni Spotlight - Tiffany Bishop

Tiffany Bishop is a native of Shoshoni, Wyoming and is currently a Project Specialist at the University of Wyoming (UW) School of Energy Resources (SER). After earning an AS in Criminal Justice from CWC, Tiffany transferred to UW to earn her B.A. degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology in 2004. She worked as an office manager for several years before moving into the Technology Transfer Office at UW in 2015. While there, she specialized in patent prosecution for UW faculty and supported a community outreach program dedicated to helping Wyoming residents with inventions navigate the patent process.

In 2020, Tiffany furthered her education once more, earning a certificate in paralegal studies from the University of California – Berkeley Extension with an emphasis on intellectual property.

Of her time at CWC, Tiffany says, “I graduated from Shoshoni with a class of 32 students. I knew I wanted to go to college, but the University of Wyoming was intimidating and expensive. I applied for scholarships and grants at CWC and only paid $800 out of pocket for my first year, room and board included. CWC gave me a unique experience where I could gain access to a quality education without the culture shock of 200 person classrooms and getting lost in the crowd. In my time at CWC, I benefited from the smaller classrooms, more teacher involvement, and a relaxed pace. I gained the confidence and discipline to later transfer and graduate from UW. I do not think I would have had the same experience at UW if it had not been for CWC as a stepping stone.”

In her current role, Tiffany employs her expertise to aid in project management, streamlining processes, and working with research directors and project principal investigators to assist with the obligations associated with major grants.

“I was born and raised in Wyoming and to be part of something that could save or help Wyoming is inspiring,” says Bishop. “I am eager to see the impact of all that SER is doing on the research level to help the state and then one day see that put into practice.”