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March 7, 2023

Local middle school students explore future career options with CWC

Jackson Hole Middle School AVID students explore career path options at CWC on March 3.

JACKSON, Wyo. — Last Friday, March 3, selected Jackson Hole Middle School AVID students visited the Jackson campus of Central Wyoming College to explore future career options in science, hospitality and culinary, medicine and cultural studies. 

AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness program designed to increase the number of students who enroll in, persist through and graduate from four-year colleges and universities.

Around 50 students participated in the event. Students were broken into small groups and rotated through four different stations that highlighted different career paths.

At one station, called “Restaurant-in-a-Box,” students conceived and created a restaurant theme and sample menu offerings to gain exposure to the hospitality and culinary industry. At the “Medical Station” students worked with CWC nursing instructors to identify a patient’s probable illness as they worked with medical mannequins. 

Students were introduced to the concept of diffusion with Skittles at the “Scientists-for-a-Day” station. Lastly, a cultural studies station explored how Native American students integrate their culture into their college studies and future careers.