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Rustler Spotlight: Stanley Stowe

February 3, 2019

Portrait of Stanley Stowe

Stanley Stowe, a sophomore from Kinnear, will be graduating in May with a degree in American Indian Studies

For years, Stowe worked on his family’s farm taking care of livestock and various crops. When he had extra time, he would find other jobs to take on. Eventually, his goal was to find a different and more permanent job. He decided to go to college in order to pursue a degree which would help him in the job market. This led him to attend the Wind River Tribal College and, eventually, CWC.

I wanted a job that paid better and I thought educating myself would help. ”

Stanley Stowe

CWC’s TRIO services have helped Stowe along his educational journey. He is also grateful to have received some scholarships to ease the financial stress of returning to school.

Stowe was nominated by Tarissa Spoonhunter, Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies and Deryle Matland, Program Manager Student Support Services.

“He is very motivated and works above and beyond class assignments to embrace knowledge as a first generation student,” Spoonhunter said.

“He is dedicated and committed to his studies and works very hard on his family ranch,” Matland said.