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Rustler Spotlight: Antoine Day

November 15, 2019

photo of CWC student Antoine Day

Antoine Day, a freshman at CWC, decided to go to college to pursue a degree to help him reach his ultimate goal, helping others.

“I chose to come to CWC to better myself and to help better other people's lives,” Day said. Day is enrolled in the equine management program with the aspiration of one day opening a rehabilitation clinic for horses and people.

I want to have a clinic to help rehabilitate horses as well as people that have mental or physical disabilities for example PTSD. ”

Antoine Day

Day plans to move somewhere else to open his clinic; not knowing where that location will be he said he is ready for a new adventure. 

Day is extremely involved at CWC and said he really enjoys the people and the community that CWC has. He is the Senate president and is in the Entrada club, Criminal Justice club, Crossroads club and the Shooting Sports club. He works for campus security at CWC and works at HSET as a tutor. 

“HSET helps people get their high school equivalency so they can continue their education,” he said.

In his spare time, Day enjoys reading, talking to people, playing chess and going on new adventures.

He was nominated by Cory Daly,  vice president for student affairs.

“Antoine Day is a non-traditional Eastern Shoshone student returning home after working on ranches in California. He came to CWC to pursue his dream of opening an equine therapy program for Veterans suffering from PTSD,” Daly said. “His positive energy and hard-working spirit quickly got him elected as our Student Senate president, which is unusual for a first-year student. He is already known and respected by many students through his involvement with several campus clubs and organizations. I'm proud to know Antoine and excited for his future at CWC and beyond.”