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Rustler Spotlight: Dominic D'Anzi

October 25, 2019

portrait of CWC student Dominic D'Anzi

Dominic D’Anzi decided to come to CWC because it was affordable and it was close to home.

It feels like the right place to be. I came here for Discover Day and that’s when I decided to attend CWC. ”

Dominic D'Anzi

D’Anzi, an Evanston native, is in the new media program. He said it’s a fun program that gives students the ability to create new things. He is a freshman this year and is on the golf team, something he also enjoys in his free time. 

He was nominated by Ben Evans, professor of English.

Dominic D’Anzi is in English 1010 03 demonstrating almost on a daily basis that he has an extraordinarily intelligent and creative mind, and that his willingness to participate is also exceptional and deeply beneficial to the class,” Evans said. “For example, the instructor asked the students spontaneously one day, "What is the word of the day?" Dominic said "Diligence" and proceeded to tell a story to illustrate his personal and colorfully complex definition of the term. Wow. Great to have him in the class.”