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January 1, 2011

McAuliffe wins workforce award

 Central Wyoming College’s Dean of Workforce and Community Education (WACE) Lynne McAuliffe was presented the Outstanding Individual Performance Award at the 7th annual Governor’s Summit on Workforce Solutions.

"The council chose Lynne McAuliffe for this award because of her proactive approach to workforce development in Wyoming," said Joan Evans, director of Wyoming Workforce Services. "Lynne is a phenomenal partner who always steps forward and takes a very positive approach for connecting our Wyoming businesses with educational opportunities."

The award was presented at the annual conference, which was planned and executed by McAuliffe’s staff at CWC on June 9 and 10.

 McAuliffe was recognized for successfully developing and implementing numerous educational programs for low-income and socially and economically disadvantaged students at CWC over the past 10 years. By working in close partnership with business and industry, the participants of these programs transitioned into higher level educational degree attainments or into careers at self-sufficient wages.

The WACE department also partnered with business and industry to customize short-term training providing course in CDL, line locater, green building techniques, and occupational safety. As a result, CWC continues to be a preferred source of training for industry requiring health and safety programs.

 McAuliffe seeks out employers who are in need of workforce development rather than wait until a client requests a particular type of customized training. This proactive approach comes from meeting with business advisory groups, personal meetings with employers, scanning Department of Employment, Workforce Services and Wyoming Business council data, keeping an eye on classified advertisements, and participation in local chambers and economic development associations.

She has developed strong partnerships with the Department of Workforce Services, the Wind River Reservation and local development groups to deliver comprehensive workforce develop programs to meet key local needs.

In the past year alone, the CWC workforce department served more than 1,800 participants, trained 275 companies in CWC’s service area and placed students in employment at more than 155 companies.

The department has received numerous grants and a significant number of new programs were developed to enhance opportunities for the local workforce, including courses in clinical medical assistant, phlebotomy, Leads Green Associate, BPI weatherization auditor and event planning.

She has expanded the workforce training opportunities to Lander and the reservation by hiring two workforce trainers and a case manager to enhance efforts at the CWC S