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January 1, 2012

Volleyball post season ends with NJCAA charges

Riverton, WY-- (10/25/12) The National Junior College Athletic Association is charging CWC with multiple years of documented violations related to student athlete ineligibility for volleyball, requiring Central to vacate all wins in the last three years and preventing the Rustlers from playing in the upcoming Region IX tournament in Powell.

VP for Student and Academic Services Jason Wood told staff Thursday (10/25)  that due to these violations, the NJCAA has determined that CWC must forfeit all wins for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 volleyball seasons.  In addition, CWC is prohibited from participation in post-season play. 
"We are being forthcoming with the violations and we will accept and comply with the sanctions that have been documented," Wood said in the email to all staff. "We are considering  an appeal of a portion of the eligibility issues, due to the possible factual inaccuracies."
Even with a successful appeal, CWC would still be ineligible to participate in the tournament but it would provide for the results of the 2012 year to stand, Wood explained. 
Wood said the college is also considering additional institutional sanctions, if determined to be necessary.
 Associate Dean for Student Services Steve Barlow has been directed to conduct an inquiry into the colleges policies, procedures, and practices so the institution can implement new controls that ensure this will not occur in the future