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January 1, 2014

CWC Board commences search for next college president

(Jan. 30, 2014) The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees has committed to a comprehensive national search for the next college president.

Board Chair Charlie Krebs said the search process allows for input and participation of CWC employees and other college stakeholders. “We also believe that such a process will provide for all candidates to be thoroughly vetted as we prepare to make this important decision affecting CWC’s future,” he said in an email to all CWC employees Thursday.

At an executive session of the board held Wednesday night (Jan. 29), trustees discussed the best procedure for selecting a successor to longtime President Jo Anne McFarland, who is retiring June 30.

Although Wyoming statutes allow the presidential search process to remain confidential, the board is committed to a practice which is consistent with institutional values of openness and transparency, the board chair said, adding trustees anticipate attracting a broad pool of both internal and external candidates.

“We greatly appreciate the helpful input from employee associations at prior board meetings, and we expect to continue to provide a voice for you in the process as it is developed,” Krebs said in his email.

Krebs indicated that the CWC trustees have only made a decision as to the type of process to be used. “We plan to discuss additional details of that process at our scheduled February 18 executive session, with a public update from the Board on the search process anticipated at the February 18 public board meeting,” he said.

The next step is to determine the size and membership of the search committee, which Krebs anticipates to include selected trustees as well as members of the college and community at large.