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January 1, 2014

Seat Belts Save Lives!

On October 22, Dean Charlotte Donelson was involved in a vehicle accident northwest of Riverton when she was pulling onto Highway 26 while navigating the early-morning sunrise.  Those involved in the accident sustained injuries, but Mike and Charlotte Donelson want the campus and the community to know that seat belts saved further injury to those involved in the accident that day.  In an effort to bring awareness to just how important seat belts are, they have exhibited the PT Cruiser Charlotte was driving on a trailer next to the Student Center Building on the CWC campus.  "Charlotte wouldn't be with us today if she hadn't been wearing her seatbelt.  We want the students and the community to see just how important it is," said Mike Donelson.  The vehicle will be displayed with signs that read "Seat Belts Save Lives" on the Central Wyoming College campus as a reminder for our community to be safe this winter and wear seat belts!