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November 13, 2015

Student Ambassadors give back to the community

Student ambassadors helped community members Wednesday by raking leaves and applying weather resistant stain to a church’s playground equipment.

As part of a requirement to be an ambassador students must participate in community service, the students picked two service projects this semester. The first service project was a “rake and run” to help a family in need of yard work. After the community member suffered from a heart attack and later had to undergo surgery, they needed help with their large yard.

“We raked leaves and helped them pile wood,” said Abbey Morales, student ambassador. “It was a huge help to that family and other community members helped as well. It was so pretty to see all those people working together.”

There were more than 30 ambassadors and community members that helped the family yesterday.

“I was proud of them,” said Maygen Cassity, ambassador advisor. “It was so windy but none of them had a second thought of whether the event would be cancelled. They went in and got the job done.”

The ambassadors’ next project was to apply a weather resistant stain to the Methodists church’s new playground equipment.

“It didn’t take us long with all of us working together,” Morales said.

“The students focus on giving back to the community, not just the CWC community,” Cassity said.

Cassity said the students brain storm different projects and decide as a group which ones they want to do. Each ambassador must complete 30 service hours a semester. They complete those hours by doing both group projects and individual projects. Some individual projects include helping usher during college plays, giving campus tours and conducting workshops with children at local schools.

“We are the kind of people that like to do volunteer work,” Morales said. “We don’t look at it as a requirement; we just like to do it.”

Student ambassadors will be helping with the blood drive next Thursday, Nov. 19 from 11 am to 3 pm at ITECC room 125.