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February 9, 2017 by Orin Smith, student intern

Phlebotomy class at a 100 percent pass rate

medical student prepares to draw blood from another medical student

For the last two years, students in the phlebotomy class who are majoring in the medical assisting program at Central Wyoming College had a passing rate of 100 percent. Students also averaged a mean grade of 84.4 percent on the final; ten points higher than the national pass rate which is 74.2 percent with a national mean is 77 percent. Students learning phlebotomy are trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical transfusions.

We have some really motivated students; it’s very hands on, one of the most unique classes here because they practice on each other. We do have students that feel like it’s not for them and honestly at the beginning they can be a little bit nervous getting poked by needles by their class mates. So they become very close, this has been the way traditionally since I’ve gone to school a long time ago. ”

Kristy Jones, instructor of medical assistant

Jones said they partner with the hospitals and help run the health fairs in Lander.

“The hospital had some major cut backs and they were going to stop the fair completely,” Jones said. “But decided that as long as they had students to help, they would keep it running. So that’s something we do the last couple of weeks of school, so they can get out in the community and they do a really good job.”

“I loved the class, we had great people in there that were willing to learn and ask questions as well as help out when they could,” said Shyla Jacobson, former student of the class. “Kristy is a great instructor and made everyone feel like they could do anything. I think if you go at it with confidence it helps a lot. Plus, I studied a ton and did tons of research on the internet.”

The medical assisting degree takes just two years to complete and equips students with the skills needed to find jobs in the field. Students can find jobs in labs, hospitals or doctors’ offices. Jones said that she had a student that was hired the day after graduation.