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February 19, 2018

Rustler Spotlight: Darrah Perez

portrait of CWC student Darrah Perez

Darrah Perez is a sophomore at CWC and is working towards a degree in psychology. Perez was awarded a scholarship for the Native American Entrepreneurs which opened a door for her to start her education at CWC. Perez was working at the casino when she decided to pursue her education full time.

I was always interested in why things happen. Through my experiences I wanted to know why and I want to be able to help other people. ”

Darrah Perez

After Perez completes her degree at CWC she plans to attend the University of Wyoming to earn a bachelor’s degree. She has looked at schools in California and NYC for a master’s program.

Perez is in the poetry club and in her free time she enjoys reading. Perez was nominated by Ben Evans, professor of English.

“She is an extraordinarily active community member in community service, the arts, education, culture and journalism,” Evans said. “She organizes artists and art/culture oriented events both off and on campus, devotes herself seriously to her studies, and well embodies the spirit of education in her determined and impassioned engagement in acting for the CWC mission as well as tribal values.”