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February 14, 2018

Rustler Spotlight: Kaylee Brink

portrait of CWC student Kaylee brink

Kaylee Brink is a freshman studying psychology and pre-law. In high school Brink took advantage of the dual and concurrent enrollment through BOCHES to complete some of her college courses. Her future goals include going to law school at the University of Washington.

“I would like to go to the University of Washington but I’m looking at other options,” she said. “I really enjoy the professors here. Buck Tilton made English fun and exciting.”

Brink is in the Entrada club and works at the CWC bookstore. In her free time she enjoys baking and spending time with friends.

This is Kaylee’s second semester working at the CWC Bookstore. Kaylee finished the fall semester with a 4.0 average earning her a slot on the President’s Honor Roll. She is actively involved in the Entrada Club helping with fund raisers for a trip the club is taking to New York in March during spring break. Kaylee is always on time and is willing and able to do whatever is asked of her. She is a great asset to the bookstore and CWC. ”

Rita Duty and Retha Reinke, bookstore employees