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March 18, 2019 by Stormi Adams

Central Wyoming College Nursing Program Chosen as the University of Wyoming’s 2018 Community Partner of the Year

The CWC nursing staff stands holding an award from UW

In January, CWC’s nursing faculty were presented with a plaque from the University of Wyoming for being chosen as their 2018 Community Partner of the Year.  The award was presented by former CWC faculty and current UW assistant lecturer, Paula Kihn.

CWC was chosen for this award by UW Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Director, David Bodily, RN.


The nursing faculty and administration at CWC have been full partners in the statewide ReNEW collaborative and consistently demonstrated an ‘all in’ attitude about developing and implementing the ReNEW curriculum. Our delivery of ReNEW coursework and the experience of learners will be better due to the sharing of ideas and expertise with the personnel at CWC. ”

Bodily also credits the program for turning out exceptional students who move through the BSN Completion Program after their graduation from CWC.

“We are also better because of the nursing students at CWC. The RN-BSN students from CWC have been contributing learners before and during CWC’s transition to ReNEW,” Bodily said. “The students have helped us focus and prioritize, and we look forward to their continued engagement as we begin delivering ReNEW Completion coursework.”

Nursing students from all around Wyoming have benefited from the BSN Completion Program offered through UW. It allows students to take the necessary classes to complete a BSN either after obtaining an associate’s in nursing or while concurrently enrolled in a program through one of Wyoming’s community colleges. Other licensed registered nurses can also complete the program having an ADN or diploma from somewhere other than Wyoming. This program offers delivery at a distance with no on-campus time required, flexible scheduling and individualized advising, which makes it an unparalleled resource for those looking to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

“The UW BSN Completion Program is for the partnerships that have been formed and are ongoing for the state of Wyoming as nursing education is reaching new heights,” said Kihn.

Bodily believes the BSN Completion program continues to improve because of UW’s partnership with the CWC Nursing Program.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to recognize their contribution, not only to our program but ultimately to the health of Wyoming,” Bodily said.