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President's List Spring 2019

June 26, 2019 by Lori Ridgway

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Following are the students who earned the honor of being on the CWC spring 2019 President's list. All are full-time students (minimum of 12.0 credit hours) and have earned a 4.0 GPA. CWC would like to congratulate these students for their accomplishments!

Fremont County Students

Wade Anderson, Kodi Anesi, Steve Aragon, Thomas Beasley, Kaylee Bond, Kaylee Brink, Becky Cecrle, Caleb Cecrle, Casandra Chadwick, Cody Chancellor, Micah Conner, Sally Crank, Shawn Curtin, MacKenzie Dickinson, Nathaniel Esposito, Alexander Fabricus, April Friday, Desiree Heil, Olivia Hilder, Cale Hinkle, Valerie Hinkle, Amber Holman, Destinee Jara, Schuyler Justesen, Shaylee Ketelhut, Trevor Keysaw, Kendra Leseberg, Kelly Maloff, Ashley Martinez, Holland McLaughlin, Tova Miller, Vincent Mitchell, Ashley Monterotti, Leslie Najera, Jessica Nelson, Zoe Parks, Aiyana Perez, Darrah Perez, Kyle Phister, Anthony Schmeiser, Sarah Sonnenschein, Ryan Towne, Michaela Tschirhart, Sonjia Vavages, Jade Ware, Alex Watts, Jennifer Wintermote, Meghan Wirick, and Christina Wright.

Wyoming - Outside Fremont County Students

Kasen Urhammer, Morgan Vanetti, Samantha Gray, Abigail Arnold, Tanner Denton, Iryna Kitami, Nancy Morales, Morgan Murphy, Cameron Carter, Kate Dickinson, Melissa Merritt, Holly Dennis, Ashley Jurovich, and Taila Kusmin.

Out of State, International Students

Aubri Whatcott, Connor Nelson, Brayle Crosman, Olivia Shippen, Ayami Ishiguro, David Simental, Chase Lamb, Megan Krahenbuhl, Caio Rosa de Olivia, Devin Rottweiler, and Alyzae Roberts.