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I Am The First: Cadey Barney

November 2, 2020 by Cadey Barney

Cadey Barney standing outside in the mountains

In honor of first-generation day on November 8th, we'll be sharing stories from our first-gen students, staff, and faculty this week. We're incredibly proud of your accomplishments and we love that you are in our Rustler family! #firstgeneration #makeyourway

What does it mean to you to be a first-gen student?
Being a first-generation student is a humbling feeling. Even though I had hardships with having divorced parents during my childhood, I still persevered with the help of my dad to be where I am now and to accomplish my future goals. You da man, Dad.

What challenges do/did you encounter as a first-gen student?
The challenges that I encountered as a first-generation student were stepping into adulthood by myself during my first year of college last year. I moved away from my hometown and moved to Riverton to attend CWC’s nursing program. Though it was a challenge, moving away from my hometown was the best decision I made.

What advice would you give to future first-gen students?
The advice that I would give to future first-generation students is go for whatever you want to do in life, no matter how difficult. Do not let anyone try to stop you from accomplishing your goals. Always remember you are responsible for your own happiness. Super cheesy, I know.

I am most proud of my self-determination while attending Central Wyoming College. During my first year of college last year, I graduated in the spring on the President’s List with my Associates of Science in Health Science. I am now in my first semester of nursing school and plan to keep continuing my education after graduation here at CWC. ”

Cadey Barney

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