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2nd Annual Rendezvous City Beef Roundup

August 31, 2021 by Lori Ridgway

CWC Culinary Students grilling steaks for our judges

Celebrity Chef, Leslie Spoonhunter

This year's 2nd annual Rendezvous City Beef Roundup was another HUGE success! We had folks from Utah, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming participate in this amazing event that brings producers and consumers together each year to learn about and support the beef industry. And to those amazing folks behind the many to be thankful for - this could never happen without your dedication, hard work, patience, and commitment. What an amazing day we had to celebrate local producers and to learn about all things beef!!

It just keeps getting better every year! ”

Tyler Mc Cann, creator and organizer of the Roundup

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