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Stories through photographs. Events and activities that have happened on campus!

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CWC celebrates the month of October

November 18, 2019

CWC students celebrated the month of October with a variety of events.

Our Town

October 17, 2019

The CWC Theatre Department performed the classic play, Our Town on the Robert A. Peck Arts Center main stage.

Lady Rustler volleyball vs Sheridan College

October 1, 2019

CWC lady Rustlers played against Sheridan College on September 27. They played on their home court and lost 3-1.

Rustler Roundup Rodeo 2019

October 1, 2019

CWC hosted their home rodeo, the Rustler Roundup Rodeo at the Fremont County Fairgrounds for contestants in the Central Rocky Mountain Region.

Rustler Soccer's first home game

September 27, 2019

Men's and women's soccer for the CWC Rustlers had their first home game against Western Wyoming Community College.

Lady Rustlers vs Snow College

September 26, 2019

The CWC Lady Rustlers played their first home game against opponent Snow College on September 20.

CWC students enjoy a slip n' slide kickball tournament

September 26, 2019

CWC students enjoyed an afternoon of playing slip n' slide kickball on the front lawn. The winners of the tournament received a pizza party.

Patti Fiasco Concert welcomes students to CWC

September 19, 2019

The Patti Fiasco band gave a powerhouse performance which delivered a brash yet soulful brand of rock and roll to welcome CWC students back to school!

The Apple Tree: Diary of Adam and Eve

September 19, 2019

CWC Theatre department performed The Apple Tree: Diary of Adam and Eve.

15 Things Every College Freshman Needs to Know to Stay **fReSh**

August 21, 2019

All the “NEED TO KNOW” a Freshman needs to know!