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CWC Services

For assistance, call Rustler Central at 307-855-2115. Directory
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COVID Exposure Guidelines

View the CDC Guidelines for exposure to COVID-19 CDC Exposure Guidelines

COVID Isolation Guidelines

View the CDC Guidelines for isolation due to COVID-19 CDC Isolation Guidelines

Coronavirus Resources

Central Wyoming College remains committed to being sure our top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Mask wearing is not required in any Central Wyoming College facilities. Students, staff and visitors with health concerns are encouraged to wear masks, and masks are available at the entrances to all CWC's buildings.

The Center for Disease Control has published guidelines for people who believe they have been exposed to COVID-19:

CDC Guidelines for Exposure to COVID-19

Further, the Center for Disease Control has published guidelines for Isolation due to exposure to COVID-19:

CDC Guidelines for Isolation Due to Exposure to COVID-19

CWC recommends these guidelines be followed by all of our staff, students, and visitors.

What to do if you are ill


  • Notify your supervisor & Human Resources: or 307.855-2112
  • If HR is out of the office, notify Kathy Wells: or 307.855.2111


  • STAY HOME, don't attend class in person
  • Notify Steve Barlow, Dean of Students: or 307.855.2029 and faculty for each course you will miss

Why do I notify anyone if I am ill?

  • You will receive guidance on what you can do to protect the health of others around you (roomates, teammates, co-workers, family members, classmates, faculty)
  • Questions can be addressed regarding individual scenarios
  • You can have access to free COVID-19 testing - CWC has adequate supplies of rapid and PCR test kits for use by employees and students