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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Associate of Arts Degree

Understand criminal justice laws, theories, forensics and court systems and develop critical thinking and judgemental skills, ethical decision making abilities and problem solving and communication skills throughout the program. Courses include Introduction to Law Enforcement, Politics and the Judicial Process, Criminology, Introduction to Corrections, Introduction to Criminal Justice and more. Interdisciplinary in nature, this program draws on courses in communications, sociology, law and political science in addition to the requisite criminal justice courses.

Intro to Law Enforcement 3
Politics & Judicial Process 3
Intro to Criminal Justice 3
Criminal Legal Procedures 3
Criminal Law 3
Intro to Corrections 3
Criminology 3
Research in Criminal Justice 3

Student must take nine (9) credits of courses from the CRMJ or HSEC prefix, of which no more than six (6) credits come from HSEC courses. See course catalog for more information.

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II (in the program) 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Arts 3
Humanities 3
Lab Science 4
Mathematics 3
Oral Communications 3
Social Science 3
University Studies 1

Total Credit Hours: 60

Criminal Justice

Associate of Applied Science

The magnitude and changing complexity of criminal activities dictate the need for criminal justice personnel who have had a broad-based educational experience. The program as presented includes General Education courses from the college curriculum, specialized Criminal Justice core courses, essential interdisciplinary offerings, and suggested Criminal Justice requirements.

The Associate of Applied Science Program is designed to meet the needs of pre-service and in-service criminal justice personnel as a terminal degree. Alternately, the Associate of Arts Program fulfills the initial two-year curriculum for many four-year Criminal Justice programs.

The Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science is Wyoming Works Eligible An orange circle with a buffalo at the center. Words say Wyoming Works, learn a skill that pays, central wyoming college

Students must take 39 credits of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security courses. 

Students must take 6 general elective credits.

Writing Level I (WR1) 3
American & Wyoming Government  3
A student must complete six (6) credits of general education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas, one of which is either WR2 or ORAL.  
University Studies 1


Total Credit Hours: 61

  • Criminal Justice

    I want to work in counter-terrorism for the FBI; something I've always been interested in.”

    Jensyn Pettit

Meet your professor

Kathleen Tilton

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice