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Lael Noonan

Director/Instructor of Cosmetology

Lael Noonan

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Please do not feed the fears.”


Dr. Lael Noonan is originally from the Riverton area and has worked at CWC for more than two years. At 19 Noonan became a cosmetologist an education that saw her through nearly 30 years of life-changing events. She dabbled in a lot of college courses including a few credits shy of earning an associate degree in music before finding her true passion. It was after she took the leap and moved to Anchorage, Alaska where she found the college and program that inspired her to wade through her fears and expand her educational goals. It was at Alaska Pacific University where she started a degree in psychology. Growing up an extreme introvert with no desire to lead, Noonan's college mentor saw a leader in her and persuaded her to take a leadership psychology class. This opened up a different picture of what leadership was and what it could mean for Noonan and she began to understand that when an individual understands who they are, how they impact the world and the kind of power that comes with self-direction, they become the leader they were always meant to be.

After completing her bachelor's degree, Noonan spent many years as a public speaker, educating the public about mental illness and the impact of the stigma attached to it. She also worked with familial units impacted by mental illness. After this experience, Noonan decided to focus her master's degree in writing, research and leadership. She enjoyed it so much she went right into a doctorate in organizational leadership. 

In 2018 Noonan became the director and instructor for CWC's cosmetology program. In the spring of 2020, she also became the director for CWC's Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Management and Leadership. The one thing Noonan loves about CWC is its passion for providing an education and the willingness of the CWC community to work toward a common goal that propels the college to accomplish its mission and goals. She looks forward to working with students and seeing their "ah-hah" moment when the light goes on and they realize they have conquered a concept they didn't think they could.

Interest and Hobbies

Noonan is a voracious reader and thoroughly enjoys writing. She also enjoys singing at church in a large crowd where no one knows it's her. She loves a good walk, a good talk, and a good laugh. She enjoys spending time with her family; her parents, her brother and his family, talking with her three sisters who live out of state, and she really loves hanging out with her husband, Chris who is the joy of her life. She has two adult stepsons who are precious to her, a boxer, a West Highland terrier and a cat.

"I must have silence; then music! I  like order in my life because I have a chaotic mind. I need lots of time to think, love owls and am an avid UFC fight fan."


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Alaska Pacific University
  • Master of Arts in Research and Writing, Alaska Pacific University
  • Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership, Argosy University
  • Dissertation on "Leadership through change: a qualitative study of change leadership styles and process in a health care setting"
  • Curriculum on implementing suicide prevention for staff employed for the Wyoming Department of Corrections.
  • Working with families living with mentally ill family members.