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Wind River Job Corps Partnership

Job Corps is a program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that offers education and vocational training to young men and women ages 16-24. Job Corps' mission is to help young men and women improve the quality and satisfaction of their lives through vocational and academic training.

The Job Corp Partnership with CWC allows Job Corp students to earn college credit at CWC while you are a Job Corp student!

Job Corps has partnered with Central Wyoming College to provide college courses as an advanced training program to students while on center. To qualify for this program, a student must have a high school diploma or GED (from our center or another educational facility) and have successfully completed a vocational trade at Job Corps. Benefits of the College Program include: • academic advisement, mentoring, and tutoring • paid tuition, fees, books, and supplies • housing and recreation • meals provided by Job Corps, on-and-off center • transportation to and from college the center is in partnership with Wind River Transit Authority.

Upon completion of your initial training, you can apply for Advanced Career Training (ACT) at Central Wyoming College to work towards earning your Associates degree.



Building Construction Technology



Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy Truck Driving 

Office Administration

Petroleum Technician


  • Students work collaboratively with the Wind River Job Corps to enhance industrial skills.

  • Students have the opportunity to earn credentials for a career in petroleum service or petroleum equipment installation.

  • Students in the welding program are trained to work in advanced manufacturing.