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Agriculture - Animal Science

Associate of Science Degree

The goal of the Associate of Science in Agriculture - Meat Science and Food Technology Option is to provide the first step in preparing students for a bachelor's degree at a four-year institution. the general studies and program requirements components offer students a broad base of knowledge in English, communication, political science, math, animal science and range management courses required in the first two years of a transfer degree. Program electives allow students to select additional coursework to complement this degree.

This program puts emphasis on internships and professional development by utilizing co-op work experience in the community.

This degree is intended for transfer to a four-year institution. 



Livestock Production I 4
Business Communications 3
General Biology I 4
General Biology II 4
Introduction to Chemistry 4
Public Speaking 3
Macroeconomics 3
Food and Our Well Being 3
Principles of Meat Animal Evaluation 3
College Algebra 4
Fundamentals of Statistics or Intro. Statistics/Social Sciences 4

Students must choose a minimum of 3 credits from the following course options:



Agroecology 4
Farm and Ranch Business Records 3
Feeds and Feeding 4
Intro to Range Management 1


Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
University Studies 1


The student must complete six (6) credits of General Education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas:

Course Credits
Arts 3
Humanities 3


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