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Meta Major: Social Science

Associate of Arts Degree

This multi-disciplinary program provides a strong introduction to core Social Sciences and related areas. The highly flexible curriculum benefits from a wide range of courses in American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Criminal Justice, Geography, History, Homeland Security, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology. Students may concentrate their focus in an individual area or choose courses from multiple areas of interest.

American Indians in Contemporary Society 3
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
Intro to Criminal Justice 3
Macroeconomics 3
General Psychology 4
Sociological Principles 3
World Religions OR History of Christianity OR History of Islam 3

A student must choose twelve (12) additional credits from the following list: 

Any American Indian Course 3
Any History Course 3
Any Political Science Course 3
Any Psychology Courses 3
Any Religion Courses 3
Intro to Archaeology 3
Microcomputer Applications 3
Politics & Judicial Process 3
Criminal Law 3
Intro to Corrections 3
Criminology 3
Juvenile Delinquency 3
Microeconomics 3
World Regional Geography 3
Intro to Human Geography 3
World Religions 3
Intro to Philosophy 3
Social Problems 3
Fundamentals of Statistics OR Intro. Statistics/Social Sciences 4

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American & Wyoming Government  3
Arts 3
Lab Science 4
Math 3
Oral Communications 3
University Studies 1

Total Credit Hours: 60