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Student Senate

The Voice of the Students

Student Senator's are connected, involved current students who are leaders in our community, spanning a wide variety of academic focuses and co-curricular interests and are passionate about student life. 

Serving as a senator on the CWC Student Senate is a unique experience that will provide you the opportunity to serve your fellow students, the ability to improve the college experience, provide valuable input to campus-wide changes, and be a member of a great team.  The work you do in the Senate will be rewarding and you will make a difference for students at Central Wyoming College. 

The purpose of the Senate is to promote an active student government, better relationships among the student body, and to provide an avenue by which student needs and desires are transmitted to the administration, as well as provide educational and non-academic entertainment for students. In general, the Senate sets all policies governing student body activities.

Questions? Contact Kjersti at  or Amara at

Downloadable Student Senate Application

CWC Student Senate Resources

We, the students of Central Wyoming College, seeking to provide an effective organization which will coordinate student activities and advance the welfare of all the students, and recognizing that such an organization is necessary in the building of an institution of greater quality, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution, and vest the governing powers of the Central Wyoming College student body in the Central Wyoming College Student Senate. 

Constitution of the Student Senate

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) works to enhance and unify the college community by planning social, cultural and educational events that complement the college’s academic mission.

Campus Activity Board Bylaws

Program Committees

Special Events
One-time, large scale events. Designed to draw large crowds and get students excited about life. Ex. Week of Welcome, homecoming events, speakers, major comedy shows, concerts and more.

Rustler Traditions
Commemorating old and new traditions. Keeping traditions alive whether that’s a holiday tradition or a tradition the college started.

Incorporate and explore ideas, customs and social behavior of various cultures.

Daytime Rustlers
Events for Rustlers to do throughout the day 8am-5pm. Events consist of interactive activities, musical performances, games or workshops, anything that will give students a nice break during the hectic school week.

Help increase student involvement at all CWC home games and help create recreational events for students.

Markets CAB’s events and programs, on campus and social media. Works closely with CWC Marketing and the Social Media Ambassadors.