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Lillian Sundance Chandler


Lillian intends to expand communication on campus.

A headshot of Lillian Chandler

I want to make sure students are comfortable and are aware of opportunities on campus. ”


Lillian Sundance Chandler is from Lander, Wyoming and came to CWC because of the amazing nursing and criminal justice program. After college, she wants to be a doctor. The person she admires most is her dad because he is the hardest worker she has ever met and he gets through any compilation that comes his way. Lillian's pet peeves are people not trying their absolute best in any situation, people putting others down, and chewing with your mouth open. Her favorite drink is grape juice or sweet tea. She enjoys skores, health bars, peaches and cream, and warm pie. Three words that describe Lillian are outgoing, competent, and driven. Her biggest passion in life is to live life to the fullest and be the happiest person she can be. She enjoys swimming, horseback riding, snowboarding; anything outdoorsy really. She enjoys reading books and playing board games. She's always up for new adventures and learning new things. 

Future Goals
  • Get students more involved and strengthen our campus and community. 
  • To grow as a person; better herself and her community.
  • To become a doctor.

Michael Groves

Vice President

Michael is committed to representing the students of CWC effectively.

A headshot of Michael Groves

I want to represent the needs of the students effectively.”


Michael is from a little bit of everywhere and enjoys this little college in the most beautiful region in the U.S.A. When he grows up, he wants to be wise and well-traveled. His favorite drink is Bomber Basin. He enjoys sour gummy worms and pork ribs. Three words that describe Michael are head-strong, loud, and selfless. His biggest passion is gaining experience from life and his unknown talent is sleeping for inhuman lengths of time. 

Future Goals
  • To travel 4000 miles within the next year. 
  • To work with the administration on the dorms. 

Jessica Weber


Jessica is passionate about student involvement on campus.

A headshot of Jessica Weber

I want to get more student involvement on campus.”


Jessica Weber is from Riverton, Wyoming and chose CWC because it's in her hometown. After college, she wants to be a child/PTSD therapist. The person she admires in her life is her grandpa because he's a very fair and kind man. He's actually part of the reason she's pursuing psychology. Her favorite drink is a London Fog. She enjoys a Reese's, creme brulee, and Domino's lava cake. Jessica's biggest pet peeves are when people talk over her, slow walkers, and ghosting. Her biggest passion is dance. Three words that describe Jessica are passionate, kind, and empathetic. 

Future Goals
  • Graduate with her associate's degrees
  • Become a Child/PTSD therapist

Jamison (Jay) Atencio


Jamison's focus is to make campus a fun, safe place to be.

Jay Atencio headshot

I want to learn, respect, and communicate with my peers. ”


Jamison Atencio is from Green River, Wyoming. He came to CWC for a change. He admires his dad because he has his life together. After college, Jay want's to be a music producer. Jay's pet peeves are the words library, shingle and moist. He also dislikes arrogance. His favorite drink is Rock Star "Punched". He enjoys and almond joy and cheesecake. Three words that describe Jay are outgoing, creative, and experimental. His biggest passion is music, which he produces with many people from around the world. He's on itunes! 

Future Goals
  • Learn to budget better.

Kerim Velbayev

Campus Activities Board Chair

Kerim is excited about the opportunity to increase involvement on campus.

A headshot of Kerim Valbayev

My goal for the CWC Student Senate is to improve engagement between students and the involvement of the student body overall.”


Kerim Velbayev is from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and he came to CWC because he loves the outdoors and wants to be a part of a tight-knit community. He aims to be a person who is capable of constantly contributing to his community and be effective in any circumstance. The person he admires most is Evariste Galois because he learned mathematics in only four years and became one of the greatest mathematicians of all-time. Galois is Kerim's inspiration for learning math. Kerim's pet peeves are shaking a wet hand, deadlines, and eating alone. His favorite drink is actual grape juice and he enjoys a picnic candy bar and napoleon cake. Three words that describe Kerim are calm, dancing, and altruistic. His biggest passion is teaching. 

Future Goals
  • Develop a set of skills that would make him a great leader.

Tanner Denton

Social Media Ambassador

Tanner plans to focus on campus beautification.

A headshot of Tanner Denton

I want to improve a handful of physical aspects about campus including more walkways, trashcans, and less litter.”


Tanner Denton is from Gillette, Wyoming and he came to CWC because of the film program. The person Tanner admires most is Elon Musk because of his drive and work ethic. His pet peeves are lists, the number 3, and irony. His favorite drink is water. He enjoys Reese's and the brownies at a restaurant because they're warm and come with ice cream. Three words that describe Tanner are passionate, charismatic, and funny. His greatest passions are filmmaking and storytelling. 

Future Goals
  • To get better at work/life balance. 

Tanner Hester

Intramural Representative

Tanner's goal is to make this year as fun and enjoyable as possible.

A headshot of Tanner Hester

I love being involved in all of the clubs, activities, and sports on campus. ”


Tanner Hester is from Green River, Wyoming and he came to CWC to branch out, get away from home, and meet new people. His main skills include communication, people skills, and multi-tasking. He considers himself a very outgoing and extroverted person, and he strives to stay as involved as possible on campus. He is a member of the Criminal Justice Club, the Shooting Club, Entrada, and is the president of the Crossroads Club. He considers himself to be a hard worker and is very determined. He loves this community. His pet peeves are people who steal his food, slow internet and referring to yourself as the third person. His favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. He enjoys snickers and banana pudding. Three words that describe him are optimistic, adventurous, and outgoing. Tanner's biggest passions are history and geography. He also plays the guitar. 

Future Goals
  • Be less of a procrastinator
  • Become a criminal justice investigator

Merdan Bayramov

Committee Representative

Merdan intends to bring students together.

A headshot of Merdan Bayramov

As a senator, I look forward to seeing the campus inside out; to start seeing things that can be improved. I am striving to develop as a person and a leader in order to serve the community on campus. ”


Merdan Bayramov is from Turkmenistan and he believes he is an ordinary man, searching for himself and learning lessons along the way. Merdan came to CWC because it felt satisfying and made him happy. He liked the campus, it is very cozy and nice. He liked the nature and how it can be green or white with snow. The scholarships that were offered perfectly fit him. 

Merdan believes that a leader is a strong person, who is assertive but at the same time communicative with his or her team. "A leader does not have to be the smartest in the room; they must surround themselves with people who are smarter in their specialized areas. A leader has to make his teammates feel valuable but also be able to direct when needed. The role of the leader to make sure that the mechanism and the pieces of it are working very well." said Merdan. 

Merdan favorite candy is a snickers bar and he loves News Years. His favorite book is  "Three Comrades" Erich Maria Remarque.

Future Goals
  • Achieve a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Arizona State University.
  • Continue growing his growing in his favorite hobbies such as photography and videography because he firmly believes that a person has to develop from the analytical and the creative side.