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Campus Security

Chuck Carr

Director of Campus Security

Jim Carey

Campus Security Officer

Cris Rohrbacher

Campus Security Officer

Tyler Larsen

Campus Security Officer

Kevin Coulter

Campus Security Officer

Tony Badura

Campus Security Officer

Sean Weathers

Part-Time Officer

Cody Myers

Campus Security

Mark McDonald

Part-Time Officer

Martin Armajo Sr.

Part time-officer

The mission of Central Wyoming College Campus Security is to enhance the quality of life at Central by providing a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning, while building community partnerships that foster trust, mutual respect and cooperation.

  • campus security demonstrate an active shooter scenario on campus

    ALICE Trainings

    ALICE [Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate] training is beneficial for campus employees and the community. It is scenario-based training that prepares a person for instances of a violent intruder.

  • Trainer exhibiting defensive strategy for ALICE student

    920 community members, 85 organizations, 134 students, 185 staff members trained as of June 2021.

    This hands-on training has empowered folks and taught them to think through what they would do if faced with a violent intruder. It is a great training.”

    Chuck Carr, Director of Campus Security

Your Safety is our #1 Priority!

The personal safety and security of students, staff, and visitors are of the highest priority at Central Wyoming College. We have experienced campus security officers with over 82 years of law enforcement service in their professional careers.  We also conduct numerous campus training's throughout the year for community members, campus personnel, and students to increase knowledge and awareness of best practices for personal safety. The CWC Department of Campus Security consists of (1) armed Security Director, (2) armed Security Officers, and (3) retired law enforcement officers covering various hours per week. Campus Security has (1) Riverton Police Department officer, (1) Shoshoni Police Department officer, (1) Lander Police Department officer that cover shifts as well. You may click on the following link to view our Emergency Operations Plan.

Students should immediately go to the student portal, My Central, and register for the campus communication system Rustler Alert! This will ensure that students receive all alert messages from campus via cell phone, text, and email.

The Campus Security Office is located in Main Hall 107 and can be contacted by calling 1-307-855-2143. 

If you are witnessing a crime that is being committed RIGHT NOW, immediately

contact the following:

  • CWC Riverton Main Campus
    • Riverton Police Department at 307-856-4891 or call 911. 
  • CWC Lander
    • Lander Police Department at 307-332-3131 or call 911.  I
  • CWC Alpine Science Institute
    • Fremont County Sheriff's Department at 307-332-5611 or call 911.  
  • CWC Dubois
    • Fremont County Sheriff's Department at 307-332-5611
  • CWC Jackson
    • Jackson Police Department at 307-733-2331

To discuss concerns about an individual student, faculty or staff, please contact the following:

  • Vice President for Student Services office by email or call 855-2186.
  • Student Life and Campus Safety office by email or call 855-2143
  • Counseling email or call at 855-2175.
  • To view the State of Wyoming Sex Offender Registry, log on to the registry.


Be a Campus Security Intern!

Emergency Messaging Opt-In for Families

Keep your loved ones informed!

In the event of an emergency on campus, keep your family/friends informed by having them opt-in to Rustler alerts!

Step 1: Text CWCPARTNER to 226787 for 185 day opt in (6 months).

Step 2: Following your text, you will receive two welcome messages and any emergency messages the college issues. After 6 months, your cell number will receive a notice that you have automatically been removed from the system. If you would like to re-subscribe, repeat Step 1.